Koz Speaks

All There Is to Say on AutoLink

Reasonable, people disagree with me on autolink. I could spend some time writing a detailed response to all the hype, but others have beat me to it. In the spirit of the web, I’ll just link to them.

First Yoz expanded on his satirical response with a very good set of rules for modification

If a content-modifying function:

  1. has a definition that is completely understood by the user
  2. is only invocable at the user’s request and in isolation (i.e. not automatically)
  3. has an effect limited to the user who invoked it

… then it’s entirely within the spirit of the Web, no matter what modification it performs. No exceptions.

Then Jason Kottke earned a micro-patron payment with this great piece.

if you’re saying that Google should not provide this feature at all and that consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes can’t choose to use the feature themselves, I don’t think that’s a good deal for the users. As content providers, let’s not try and reach into our readers’ computers and dictate what they can or can’t do with the copies of our content that they’ve downloaded for their personal use…let’s leave that sort of wishful thinking to the nutballs in Hollywood.

Finally a k5 article to sum it all up