Koz Speaks

FeedDemon Goes Subscription

I’m a very happy FeedDemon user, so I thought I’d comment on Nicks recent move to a subscription model. I think it’s a great idea, here’s why.

I use multiple computers, 4 if you count my mobile phone, FeedDemon’s syncing abilities are the killer feature for me. No matter which system I use, I have access to my feeds. It looks like FeedDemon 1.6’s NewsGator integration is going to be lightyears ahead of what I get with bloglines today, auto-syncing new subscriptions, categories and allowing finer grained updates. Stuff like that requires server farms, sysadmin staff etc. I’m happy to pay a subscription for it.

The other thing, is that we’re probably better off in the long run. The two years subscription means 2 years of free upgrades, irrespective of how many versions Nick and co release in that time. The current upgrade policy for FeedDemon is that upgrades to 2.x were always going to cost us money. This switch to subscription has saved us money in the medium term. Nick’s decision to allow standalone functionality after your subscription runs out, means we’re better off in the long term too.

Now these NewsGator guys just have one major problem left. Where’s my Mac client!?