Koz Speaks

Desktop Applications I Enjoy

I’m a web developer, and a big believer in the AJAX and rich web applications. However I still have a soft spot for a really well written desktop application. In fact, I’ve spent more on desktop apps this month than on my regular web subscriptions.

Pukka is a great little application which makes it easy to post to del.icio.us. I was kinda skeptical about the idea at first, but after a few test runs, I was completely hooked. It’s much more responsive than the regular web interface, plus you can still use a bookmarklet. It sells for $5, well worth it.

Voodoo Pad was another recent find for me. It’s a little hard to describe exactly what voodoo pad is, but for me it has taken the place of Stikipad and Backpack as a place to dump my thoughts, plans and random notes. The built in sketching tool and voice recorder were icing on the cake. If the drawing tool added support for simple shapes it’d make a kick ass lo-fidelity UML tool, but that’s probably too enterprise for the average user. It’s a little more pricey than pukka, but still well worth the $30.